Over Game (or Game Over, depending on the translation)

Over Game is a video piece done by the Italian artist, Gabriella Parisi. The goal of the piece (which I was only able to find a trailer of), is to “go over the game.” It’s to show that a game is a multiplicity of visions, that each game is a hybrid of the last. Each new game is the last game broken down, and reassembled in a different form. It poses the idea that the game is neither man nor machine, and yet, is a living entity. Over Game is about the evolution of the game, by centering the “narrative on the interpenetration between man and machine, subjective and objective, creator and creature. The point of view is not only that of the gamer or the author of the game, it is also one of the machine, the game itself, which looks in the mirror and reflects an increasingly human [image]”




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