The Stanley Parable

Date: October 17, 2013

Producer: Galactic Cafe

Platform: Steam (PC/Mac/Linux)

Description: The Stanley Parable is a rather unique game that toys with the idea of choice in video games. This is why I would argue that the game is more of an art game than anything else… it’s a look into the immense emphasis put on player choice these days in the industry and almost a mockery of that… I think. That alone there is why it would qualify as an art game. But anyway, in the game, you play Stanley, just a guy doing his job at some big corporation and you are led through events by the narrator, who at the end of the day has complete “control” over how the game plays out. It’s a humorous, serious, and rather thought provoking look at games and choice. Also another aspect of the game that is interesting, is that it breaks down the notion of “the third wall.” Often times, the narrator acknowledges that the player is playing a game, and that the narrator is the game designer, which leads to some interesting interactions.


The Stanley Parable started out as an award-winning source mod in 2011, which was then expanded upon and eventually released commercially. It’s been all around the festival circuits, winning the special recognition award at IndieCade 2012, and winning three awards at IGF 2013.

Rules: For this game, the rules change as the “narrator” wills it

reception: The reception for the game has overwhelming positive, both critically and commercially. It also being featured on many “best games of the year lists”

Categories: Experimental adventure game





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